Designer & Front-end Developer
Ilias Ismanalijev

A free and open-source streaming music web player using data from Reddit. It's my own personal take at what a music player should be. It has 280+ genres of music to select through with amazing user-curated songs that can be sorted through with a voting system. It has advanced features like remote-control that aren't seen in many free and open-source projects today.

A collection of images taken in Ghent. I've introduced a hashtag #instaghent that was never used before and made it into a standard tag to include in your snap when you're in Ghent. It's a new way to connect with your city as you can see what's happening around you.

A guide on male fashion that has been featured on Business Insider, Life Hacker amongst others. It completely obliterates the search engine rankings for some of its keywords. The collective work by writer N. Taverna and designer / illustrator P. Altair.

My personal website that tells more about me and my work. It also doubles as a journal and a collection of quotes and various older portfolio pieces.
Favicon Generator

A developer tool to generate your website icon. Includes icons for Android, iOS and Windows 8.

Favicon Generator helps you make icons for the modern web easily and effortlessly. You can drag-and-drop, upload or paste images and it will make icons for you.

You get one .ico file for the desktop browser which includes four sizes. 16, 32, 48 and 64. You also get icons sized perfectly for the Android devices, iOS devices and even Windows 8 apps.

And all this, in one zip file, created in seconds!

Tiny informational website about Kortrijk.

Created in a single day by myself at a hackathon in Kortrijk. The website received third place from the jury. It was a way for me to experiment with the new library called Polymer by Google and see the ins-and-outs of the new web component framework.

A jQuery Plugin for using the Vibration API in your jQuery-based projects. Vibrate your phone on the web using a jQuery plugin.

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markade - a static site generator

A static site generator that uses Jade, YAML and Markdown. Available as a Grunt task or a command line application.
avalon rpg - text based roleplaying game

A completely new suit for the the 25 years old text-based roleplaying game. I handled most website operations, provided a new design, did the front-end, back-end development and helped with marketing.
view shorts in their full glory on local
discover instagram pictures based on their geographical location on local
tap and hold to search for Instagram shots in the local area

Discover Instagram pictures based on their geographical location.

Personalized themes and portfolio software for your work.