published over 6 years ago

Introduction to Instaghent

Ilias Ismanalijev
Ilias Ismanalijev

Instaghent is an application that collects all the cool and amazing images on Instagram located in Ghent and places them all together in a good looking set on Instaghent. Anyone can get their picture submitted and shown on this website.

I had the idea to make an application after seeing Instantwerpen by Jimmy Cappaert. It looked like a really amazing tool to make somewhat of a personal community on Instagram.

Any visitor can vote on their pictures. You can mark it as:

  • Totally Ghent / Helemaal Gents
  • Not Ghent / Niet Gents

The website is in two languages, as the city is a central area and we have visitors from all over the world that may want to visit Ghent and the website. You can order the images by popularity. By being the most Ghent-like. By having the most likes on Instagram and by soon by location.

This app is not connected to the City of Ghent in any way. The pictures are rated by you if they're relevant or not. If you see a non-relevant image you can rate is as being "Not Ghent". The images always have the author attributed. The images are automatically added from several hashtags and location data used by Instagram.

You can add your own images by adding the hashtag #instaghent.