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Website for an Android application. Written in a very DRY manner. Every section has a block of its own.

# Example block:
 @ tap
css: image green

**Tap and hold** to search for Instagram shots in the local area.
 @ end

# Template:
mixin block(key, obj)
  section(id=key, class=obj.meta.css)
      if obj.meta.logo
      h2.title #{obj.meta.title}
      .content !{obj.html}
      if obj.meta.link
        a(href=obj.meta.link.url).link #{obj.meta.link.title}

# Uses lodash, removes the first block and parses them through the mixin
block content
  for key in markade._.drop(Object.keys($$), 1)
    +block(key, $$[key])

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Sample Site

Sample Site

Sample markade site. You can generate on yourself if you run markade init.

Source Code
Markade Docs

Markade Docs

The website you're reading right now is generated with markade. And it is completely open source.

Source Code


Documentation for Tasktool. Has nice typography and a lot of text. The idea was to make it not feel like a static website.