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Vue.js Belgium

Vue.js Belgium is a meetup group for front-end developers who use Vue.js as a framework to develop their web applications. We organize meetups in Belgium to share experiences, ideas and best practices as a community. It is a chance to meet like-minded people who want to learn more about Vue.js or other developers who are curious.

Our talks will range from advanced Vue.js topics, introductions of new tools, general Javascript best practices, to fast scaling startups and their approach of using Vue.js in production.

This community will have many plans for the future. So join us and help expand the Vue.js community in Belgium!

If you're interested in presenting a talk, doing a workshop or hosting a meetup,
Let me know.

Previous meetups

Lunar Gravity - March 28, 2019

Katia Smet

Multilingual Vue apps, without a plugin

Did you ever need to turn your existing Vue app into a multilingual one? You don't want to depend on a plugin. You want something solid and simple, an easy solution to turn your existing translations and slugs into other languages without too much refactoring.

In this talk, I will guide you through a multilingual Vue application that you can combine with Laravel or Craft CMS.

My name is Katia Smet, I'm a creative developer based in Belgium. My focus goes to web experiences and user interfaces.

Simon Wuyts

Vue and D3: a chart waiting to happen

For a while now, D3.js has been the go-to JavaScript library for creating custom data visualizations. However, it's sometimes perceived as difficult to get started with or unsuitable for small projects. In this talk I will show you how combining D3 and Vue can make your quest for the perfect data visualization a whole lot easier.

My name is Simon Wuyts, and I'm a freelance interaction designer and front-end developer. I help digital product companies build accessible, performant and beautiful user interfaces. I dream in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Studio Hyperdrive - August 7, 2018

Denis Valcke

Using Nuxt to create flexible static sites

The web is getting increasingly complex by the day but what if it doesn't have to be? No more worries about SEO, performance and expensive servers or structures to make the most out of your latest Vue project. Take away the abstractions and focus on doing what you do best, making beautiful projects.


Performance optimisation for Vue.js apps

Hunting down slow user interfaces can be a mess. Learn how to optimise your components and hit 60fps everywhere, even with loads of data and computed properties on mobile, IE11 and slow CPUs.

Officient - April 10, 2018


Responsive+ web applications in Vue.js

Mobile has taken over every market. Your app has to run on virtually every device. How do you deal with different browser sizes and features beyond just CSS media queries?

Gertjan Wytynck

Scale, optimize and deploy Vue.js projects in production

Ever had troubles scaling your Vue.js-based SPA? Learn about the pitfalls of scaling at size and optimizing for speed and safety.