Ilias Ismanalijev
Ilias Ismanalijev
  Digital Maker
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Officientofficient.ioReduce personnel administration, accelerate critical HR tasks and get access to a complete personnel overview. Apply automatically generated insights to fuel strategic decisions and ultimately improve employee happiness.2017 - 2019We're hiring
Valpeovalpeo.comValpeo helps you (re)design your organization by mapping roles, detecting talent, increasing engagement, benchmarking reward strategies, and building your talent pipeline.2016 - 2019
Futureproofed Cities - Mapmap.futureproofed.comData from VITO to compare the CO2 emission evolution in Flanders across cities and municipalities via a map.2018
Music Player for Redditmusicplayer.ioA free and open-source streaming music web player using data from Reddit. It's my own personal take at what a music player should be. It has 280+ genres of music to select through with amazing user-curated songs that can be sorted through with a voting system. It has advanced features like remote-control that aren't seen in many free and open-source projects today.2013 - 2019Open source/r/musicplayer
How Clothes Should Fithowclothesshouldfit.comA guide on male fashion that has been featured on Business Insider, Life Hacker amongst others. It completely obliterates the search engine rankings for some of its keywords. The collective work by writer N. Taverna and designer / illustrator P. Altair.2013 - 2019Patrick Altair/u/shujin static site generator that uses Jade, YAML and Markdown. Available as a Grunt task or a command line application2015NPM packageGithubGruntServerDocs
Avalon RPGavalon-rpg.comA completely new suit for the the 25 years old text-based roleplaying game. I handled most website operations, provided a new design, did the front-end, back-end development and helped with marketing.2014 - 2015
jQuery.vibrate.jsA jQuery Plugin for using the Vibration API in your jQuery-based projects. Vibrate your phone on the web using a jQuery plugin.2014DocsArticle
Favicon developer tool to generate your website icon. Includes icons for Android, iOS and Windows 8.2013Open source
Personal blogillyism.comMy personal website that tells more about me and my work. It also doubles as a journal and a collection of quotes and various older portfolio pieces.2009 - 2019