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Dall E 3 - A paper craft art depicting a girl giving her cat a gentle hug. Both sit amidst potted plants, with the cat purring contentedly while the girl smiles. The scene is adorned with handcrafted paper flowers and leaves.

DALL-E 3: A Deep Dive into OpenAI's Groundbreaking New AI Art Platform

OpenAI has unveiled DALL-E 3, the latest iteration of its AI-driven visual art platform.

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Best Books for Designers

The Ultimate List of Essential Books for Designers in Any Field

A list of the best books for designers, including books on design thinking, design systems, and design leadership.

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Beautiful AI Girlfriends

Falling in Love with AI: The Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Realistic Romance

AI girlfriends are the new black in the world of tech. Let's dive into the world of digital romance and explore the best AI girlfriend apps of 2023.

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What is ChatGPT? It's time to care about AI

ChatGPT Explained: Inside the Revolutionary AI Chatbot's Abilities and Constraints

ChatGPT is a new AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions, write text messages, and even listen to voice messages. It's time to care about AI.

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How to Personalize User Experience

Personalization in UX with Next.js Geolocation (3 Examples)

Learn how to use personalization to boost engagement and conversion rates. With Vercel, Next.js and Unsplash code examples.

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Woman with a lightbulb explaining Ovsiankina effect

Ovsiankina Effect: The Urge To Finish What We Started

Discover the Ovsiankina and Zeigarnik Effects, psychological principles that emphasize our drive to finish interrupted tasks. These principles are key in UX design strategies like progress bars, enhancing user engagement and design best practices.

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A front end developer working on a Macbook.

Why Front End Development is Harder Than It Looks

Find out why it's so hard to find a good front end developer, and why front end development is more complicated than it seems.

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What is a Favicon? How to Create and Optimize Favicons for Websites

A favicon is a small icon associated with a website, displayed in various places like the address bar and tabs. It aids in website identification and enhances branding.

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Generate static sites from Markdown, Pug and YAML with Markade

A static site generator that stands on the shoulders of giants. Generate static sites from Markdown, Pug and YAML with Markade.

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The History of Web Accessibility

The History and Mission of the Web Accessibility Initiative

A brief summary of the history of web accessibility

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Web Accessibility and Why You Should Care

Web Accessibility: Why You Should Care & How to Make Your Website Accessible

Introduction to an accessible web for everyone and why it should matter to you.

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Closing Macbook

Virtual Private Networks: The Ultimate Guide to Online Privacy and Security

What I do to protect my digital life; Virtual Private Networks, password managers and data backups.

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Macbook with Login screen

10 Genius Password Tips You Need to Know To Stay Safe Online

An introduction to good password hygiene, what to do and what to avoid.

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Vibration API Icon

Phone Vibration Effects with JavaScript: A Complete Guide to the Vibration API

How to use the Vibration API to vibrate your device on the web. (+ Code Examples)

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The ultimate script to remove all missing links in InDesign

Remove all missing links in InDesign with this awesome script

Learn to remove missing images in large InDesign files using a script.

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