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I’m Ilias Ism, a growth partner for your business.

Hey, I am Ilias Ism, with a track record of scaling a startup to 20K B2B customers, building hundreds of products, and a decade of work in digital growth, I now lead MagicSpace. We grow businesses to $1M+ ARR – or we work for free. Ready to grow? Get a free micro-audit to see if we're a match.

2006 - 2013Discovering a Passion

My journey began at the young age of 13 when I first discovered my passion for graphic design, so I enrolled in a graphic design school, where I learned the basics of Photoshop, web design and Illustrator on the first Macs.

We learned HTML and CSS (in notepad.exe!) and I got hooked. I started building websites for friends and family. The idea of building something that anyone in the world could access fascinated me.

I became interested in Chrome extensions and Firefox plugins. I was one of the first people in the Chrome and Firefox stores. I used my newly found web development skills to assist WikiHow contributors with tools to patrol edits and make their lives easier.

2013 - 2016The First Viral Projects

I started my computer science degree at Howest. Where I learned Java, C++, Python, PHP, SQL, Javascript and CSS. Although I already knew most of the languages, I learned a lot about algorithms, data structures and software architecture, things you don't learn when you're self-taught.

During my free time I created viral projects like Reddit Music Player and HowClothesShouldFit, which gained a massive following on Reddit. Which allowed me to find my first freelance customers during college and build an even more impressive portfolio.

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2016 - 2021Non-profit Impact & B2B SaaS

Upon graduation, I became a digital nomad and started working on B2B SaaS apps like Valpeo. Which led me to meet my talented co-founders and launch Officient.

This led me to invest into hiring and hosting Vue.js Belgium meetups as we were early in the Vue.js ecosystem. I got interested in climate change, and worked together with Extinction Rebellion to rebuild their website, reaching millions of people. Which moved me to build our own climate startup called Bank.Green.

A Dutch company acquired Officient in 2021. Officient had reached 20,000 B2B customers and a team of 30 full-time employees. I am grateful for the chance to learn about marketing, sales, business, investing, backend, frontend, and more as a startup founder.

Github contributions 2016-2021 light

My contributions on Github from 2016 to 2021 - every green square is a day I wrote code.

After a short sabbatical, I've found a great partner and we're now expanding our reach and building niche sites, that help indie hackers and startups reach their target audience and improve their user experience. Our most recent projects are

TodayGrowth Partner to Your business?

With our 10 years of experience, We established MagicSpace. It is now a growth partner to profitable internet businesses who want to grow fast. We offer a full funnel growth plan and we do the work for you including website design, development, marketing and SEO.

We will help you grow your business to $1M+ ARR – or we work for free. We only work with a few clients at a time, so we can give you our full attention. Get a free micro-audit to see if we're a match.

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Ilias and the Magicspace team really know their stuff when it comes to marketing. They were a game-changer for our growth strategy at SalePier. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about them. Ilias always has a fresh approach, making sure your business sees real growth while focusing on the big picture. Trust me, working with Magicspace is a smart move!

- Winstyn Sayles , Founder at SalePier