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Hey! Thank you for visiting, I'm Ilias Ism. As an indie hacker, CTO, and digital marketer with over a decade of experience, I've built a B2B SaaS with over 20K+ customers and several viral projects.

My goal is to share my ideas, strategies, and advice from these experiences to provide value to fellow creators, founders, developers and marketers. I focus on what's working now across SEO, marketing, and business building to help take your projects and companies to the next level.

PAS Copywriting Formula: 10 Effective Examples That Convert

PAS Copywriting Formula: 10 Great Examples That Convert

Do you struggle to write persuasive copy that moves readers to take action? If so, implementing the time-tested PAS formula into your writing could significantly increase your conversion rates.

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Social Proof

Beginner's Guide to Social Proof: Why It Matters & How to Use It

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people copy the actions of others in choosing how to behave in a given situation, especially when they are unsure of the correct way to behave.

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Link Building for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your First SEO Backlinks

Beginner's Guide to Link Building: Get Your First 100 Quality Backlinks

Getting your first 100 backlinks can seem daunting for SEO newbies. But it's an essential step in improving your site's search rankings.

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Top 3 Website Indexing Tools to Get Indexed by Google Faster

3 Top Website Indexing Tools to Get Indexed by Google ASAP

Getting indexed by Google is critical for any website trying to rank and drive organic traffic. However, it can be frustrating when Google doesn't crawl or index new pages. In this article, we compare the top 3 website indexing tools to speed up the indexing process.

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Programmatic SEO Examples

Programmatic SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Automating and Scaling SEO Strategies

Programmatic SEO is the future of search engine optimization. It is a new way of doing SEO that uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of optimizing your website for search engines. This article will explore what programmatic SEO is, how it works, and why you should care about it.

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My SEO strategy for Google

SEO Strategy Guide for 2024: How to Drive Organic Traffic & Rankings

Want to learn how to create an SEO strategy that actually works? This guide will show you how to create an SEO strategy that will help you get more organic traffic.

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Local SEO

What is Local SEO? A Complete Definition

Local SEO is about optimizing your online presence to attract nearby customers. This guide explains what it is, why it matters, and how to implement an effective strategy for driving local traffic and sales.

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Rank and Rent SEO

Rank and Rent SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Passive Profits

Unlock the secrets of starting a successful Rank and Rent SEO business in 2024. This comprehensive guide covers everything from selecting profitable keywords to scaling your sites, providing a blueprint for generating passive income through SEO.

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SEO tools for keyword research, rank tracking, writing content, and building backlinks

Top 16 SEO Tools for Keyword Research, Content & Backlinks

Discover the 16 essential SEO tools including SEMRush, Ahrefs, and ChatGPT. Learn how they can help you with keyword research, rank tracking, writing content, and building backlinks.

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Twitter Marketing for Indie Hackers

Twitter Marketing for Indie Hackers: Grow Your Business on Social Media

Twitter is a powerful marketing channel for indie hackers and small businesses. Learn how to leverage Twitter to grow your audience, engage followers, and promote your products.

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7 ChatGPT Prompts To Write Viral SEO Content in Minutes

7 ChatGPT Prompts to 10x Your Agency's SEO Content Production

Discover 7 effective ChatGPT prompts that can help you create viral SEO content in minutes. Learn how to leverage AI for your content creation process.

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X Removes Link Preview Headlines: OG Images Now Critical

X recently removed headlines from link previews, displaying only images and domains. This underscores the importance of optimized OG images to make your links stand out.

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SlickGPT - A better UI for ChatGPT

Say Hello to SlickGPT - The Better UI for ChatGPT

SlickGPT is a new lightweight web client for the OpenAI API, with a strong focus on GPT-4 integration. Built entirely in Vue.js, it provides a modern, Slack-like interface for chatting with AI.

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AI marketing tools landscape

19 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing Success in 2024

Today we’ll take a look at 19 of the best AI tools for marketing.

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Typefully Twitter writing and scheduling tool review

Typefully: The Ultimate Twitter Writing Tool for Creators?

Typefully, a Twitter tool, simplifies content creation with smart suggestions and automation, enhancing engagement and marketing efforts.

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Dall E 3 - A paper craft art depicting a girl giving her cat a gentle hug. Both sit amidst potted plants, with the cat purring contentedly while the girl smiles. The scene is adorned with handcrafted paper flowers and leaves.

DALL-E 3: A Deep Dive into OpenAI's Groundbreaking New AI Art Platform

OpenAI has unveiled DALL-E 3, the latest iteration of its AI-driven visual art platform.

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Foudroyer Review

Foudroyer Review 2023: Does this New SEO Tool Outperform TagParrot?

This article provides a comprehensive review of the new SEO tool, Foudroyer, and compares it for indexing.

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MagicSpace Chrome Extension Ideas

100% Free Chrome Extension Market Analysis Tool for Developers

MagicSpace's Chrome Extension Ideas analyzes over 30,000 extensions, providing developers with data-driven insights to identify market gaps and opportunities quickly.

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Clippulse Review 2023: Easy Video Marketing for Small Business

Turn heads with Clippulse, a video marketing tool that helps you create engaging videos for your business.

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RankIQ SEO Report Dashboard

Is RankIQ Worth It? My Honest Review as an SEO Marketer

Discover how RankIQ, an AI-powered SEO tool, transforms weak posts into high-performing content.

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Best Books for Designers

The Ultimate List of Essential Books for Designers in Any Field

A list of the best books for designers, including books on design thinking, design systems, and design leadership.

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Beautiful AI Girlfriends

Falling in Love with AI: The Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Realistic Romance

AI girlfriends are the new black in the world of tech. Let's dive into the world of digital romance and explore the best AI girlfriend apps of 2023.

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Second Degree dinners

Find out about second degree dinners - A great way to meet new people in your city and make meaningful connections.

A mini-guide on how to set up second degree dinners, where you can meet 3-4 new people by getting together with some friends. You and your friend invite 2 people, and ask them to invite 2 more people. Easy!

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What is ChatGPT? It's time to care about AI

ChatGPT Explained: Inside the Revolutionary AI Chatbot's Abilities and Constraints

ChatGPT is a new AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions, write text messages, and even listen to voice messages. It's time to care about AI.

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How to Personalize User Experience

Personalization in UX with Next.js Geolocation (3 Examples)

Learn how to use personalization to boost engagement and conversion rates. With Vercel, Next.js and Unsplash code examples.

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Woman with a lightbulb explaining Ovsiankina effect

Ovsiankina Effect: The Urge To Finish What We Started

Discover the Ovsiankina and Zeigarnik Effects, psychological principles that emphasize our drive to finish interrupted tasks. These principles are key in UX design strategies like progress bars, enhancing user engagement and design best practices.

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In 2 months, Tag Parrot transformed Magicspace’s client SEO. Result? +145% impressions and +3944 indexed pages.

Tag Parrot: Get Your Site Indexed by Google Fast

TagParrot is a tool that automatically submits your website to Google Search Console for indexing. It's a great way to get your website indexed by Google without having to do it manually.

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digital nomad

Digital Nomad Manifesto: Why I Chose a Location Independent Lifestyle

Learn how to become a digital nomad and work from anywhere in the world. From remote jobs to freelancing, here's everything you need to know.

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MagicBuddy - ChatGPT Telegram Bot

Introducing MagicBuddy: An AI-Powered Chatbot for Telegram

ChatGPT on Telegram is a pioneering bot that utilizes the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to transform our interaction with AI.

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Introducing SolveNote - The Ultimate Calculator App to Boost Your Productivity

SolveNote - The Smartest Calculator App for Complex Calculations

Discover SolveNote, the innovative calculator app packed with advanced features like variables, unit conversions, real-time prices, ...

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A front end developer working on a Macbook.

Why Front End Development is Harder Than It Looks

Find out why it's so hard to find a good front end developer, and why front end development is more complicated than it seems.

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What is a Favicon? How to Create and Optimize Favicons for Websites

A favicon is a small icon associated with a website, displayed in various places like the address bar and tabs. It aids in website identification and enhances branding.

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CastPush: The Story Behind Our Failed AI News Broadcasting Tool

CastPush was an AI-driven broadcasting tool for Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. It was discontinued in 2023.

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Generate static sites from Markdown, Pug and YAML with Markade

A static site generator that stands on the shoulders of giants. Generate static sites from Markdown, Pug and YAML with Markade.

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The History of Web Accessibility

The History and Mission of the Web Accessibility Initiative

A brief summary of the history of web accessibility

Ilias Ism
Web Accessibility and Why You Should Care

Web Accessibility: Why You Should Care & How to Make Your Website Accessible

Introduction to an accessible web for everyone and why it should matter to you.

Ilias Ism
Closing Macbook

Virtual Private Networks: The Ultimate Guide to Online Privacy and Security

What I do to protect my digital life; Virtual Private Networks, password managers and data backups.

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Macbook with Login screen

10 Genius Password Tips You Need to Know To Stay Safe Online

An introduction to good password hygiene, what to do and what to avoid.

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Music Player for Reddit icon

You won't believe how I built the Music Player for Reddit and made it to the Front Page of the Internet

My story on how I built the Music Player for Reddit from the very start two years ago until I launched it on Reddit and became an overnight success.

Ilias Ism
Vibration API Icon

Phone Vibration Effects with JavaScript: A Complete Guide to the Vibration API

How to use the Vibration API to vibrate your device on the web. (+ Code Examples)

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Dubai business skyline

5 awesome name ideas for your next big business

Need a name for your next big business? Here are 5 awesome name ideas to get you started.

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The ultimate script to remove all missing links in InDesign

Remove all missing links in InDesign with this awesome script

Learn to remove missing images in large InDesign files using a script.

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Clock icon on green background

4 Incredible Tips to Kill Procrastination, Increase Productivity and Ace Those Deadlines

Would you just look at the time. It's the perfect time to start working on something. But most of the time people love to procrastinate.

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