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Danny Postma
Danny Postma: Indie Hacker, Developer, and Maker

Danny Postma is a Dutch entrepreneur, developer, and maker known for his successful "indie hacking" ventures and contributions to the online entrepreneur community. He is recognized for his innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in several popular web applications.

Ilias Ism
Sushi restaurant
Why You Should Hire a Team to Scale Your Business (Not Do It Alone)

The story about why this ramen chef can leave his restaurant on busy nights while the sushi owners work non-stop.

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Nikita Bier
Nikita Bier: Advice from Gas & tbh App $100M Exit Founder

Nikita Bier, the mind behind TBH and Gas, shares his top tips for creating engaging social apps that resonate with users.

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extinction rebellion
Building a High-Ranking Website: A Case Study on Extinction Rebellion

MagicSpace SEO Case Study on Extinction Rebellion: Building a High-Ranking Website

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SlickGPT - A better UI for ChatGPT
Say Hello to SlickGPT - The Better UI for ChatGPT

SlickGPT is a new lightweight web client for the OpenAI API, with a strong focus on GPT-4 integration. Built entirely in Vue.js, it provides a modern, Slack-like interface for chatting with AI.

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MagicSpace Chrome Extension Ideas
100% Free Chrome Extension Market Analysis Tool for Developers

MagicSpace's Chrome Extension Ideas analyzes over 30,000 extensions, providing developers with data-driven insights to identify market gaps and opportunities quickly.

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Second Degree dinners
Find out about second degree dinners - A great way to meet new people in your city and make meaningful connections.

A mini-guide on how to set up second degree dinners, where you can meet 3-4 new people by getting together with some friends. You and your friend invite 2 people, and ask them to invite 2 more people. Easy!

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MagicBuddy - ChatGPT Telegram Bot
Introducing MagicBuddy: An AI-Powered Chatbot for Telegram

ChatGPT on Telegram is a pioneering bot that utilizes the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to transform our interaction with AI.

Ilias Ism
Introducing SolveNote - The Ultimate Calculator App to Boost Your Productivity
SolveNote - The Smartest Calculator App for Complex Calculations

Discover SolveNote, the innovative calculator app packed with advanced features like variables, unit conversions, real-time prices, ...

Ilias Ism
Best AI Alternative: Social Media, AI Chatbots, Jasper, and SEO Tools

CastPush was an AI-driven broadcasting tool for Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. It was discontinued in 2023.

Ilias Ism
Music Player for Reddit icon
You won't believe how I built the Music Player for Reddit and made it to the Front Page of the Internet

My story on how I built the Music Player for Reddit from the very start two years ago until I launched it on Reddit and became an overnight success.

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Dubai business skyline
5 awesome name ideas for your next big business

Need a name for your next big business? Here are 5 awesome name ideas to get you started.

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