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SlickGPT - A better UI for ChatGPT

Say Hello to SlickGPT - The Better UI for ChatGPT

SlickGPT is a new lightweight web client for the OpenAI API, with a strong focus on GPT-4 integration. Built entirely in Vue.js, it provides a modern, Slack-like interface for chatting with AI.

Ilias Ism
MagicSpace Chrome Extension Ideas

100% Free Chrome Extension Market Analysis Tool for Developers

MagicSpace's Chrome Extension Ideas analyzes over 30,000 extensions, providing developers with data-driven insights to identify market gaps and opportunities quickly.

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Second Degree dinners

Find out about second degree dinners - A great way to meet new people in your city and make meaningful connections.

A mini-guide on how to set up second degree dinners, where you can meet 3-4 new people by getting together with some friends. You and your friend invite 2 people, and ask them to invite 2 more people. Easy!

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MagicBuddy - ChatGPT Telegram Bot

Introducing MagicBuddy: An AI-Powered Chatbot for Telegram

ChatGPT on Telegram is a pioneering bot that utilizes the capabilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT to transform our interaction with AI.

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Introducing SolveNote - The Ultimate Calculator App to Boost Your Productivity

SolveNote - The Smartest Calculator App for Complex Calculations

Discover SolveNote, the innovative calculator app packed with advanced features like variables, unit conversions, real-time prices, ...

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CastPush: The Story Behind Our Failed AI News Broadcasting Tool

CastPush was an AI-driven broadcasting tool for Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. It was discontinued in 2023.

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Music Player for Reddit icon

You won't believe how I built the Music Player for Reddit and made it to the Front Page of the Internet

My story on how I built the Music Player for Reddit from the very start two years ago until I launched it on Reddit and became an overnight success.

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Dubai business skyline

5 awesome name ideas for your next big business

Need a name for your next big business? Here are 5 awesome name ideas to get you started.

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