Second degree dinners

Meet for dinner and create new connections!

Hold up

What is this?

A Second Degree Dinner brings together 6 people who, mostly, don’t know each other.

How it works

A 30 second tutorial
2 co-hosts
Invite 2 people
Who also
Invite 2 more people
2nd degree connections

So everyone gets to meet at least 3 new people.The second degree invitations get to meet four!

Get together

In a restaurant
Inexpensive, not too crowded, quiet and central.
Or at home!
there is a hidden chef in all of us. or just order in.

Introduce yourselves

Break the ice whilst getting drinks, make sure everyone knows each other’s name and has a bit of background.

Who are you?
Explain what you do in 3 minutes
What are you working on?
What are you excited about?
What are you curious about?

And then the real fun begins

Go around the circle. Talk about one struggle or challenge in your life.
Share ideas, experiences or insights to help each other for 10-12 minutes per person.

Your free benefits

Deep relationships
Expand social circle
Interesting people

Jump immediately into a deep relationship by opening up and being vulnerable. It prevents creating a surface level meeting that might happen at an event or meetup.

👌 That was easy 👌

Now you know how to host your own second degree dinner

Oh wait

Here are some extra strategies on optimal seating positions

Need seating help?

Just follow these seating positions and you will be making new connections in no time.

Co-host invite’s invitee
Your invite
Co-host invite
Co-host invite’s invitee
1st degree
2nd degree

Share this page with friends

and set up your own second degree dinner now
By Ilias Ism & Maarten De Schuymer & Nat Eliason

Enjoy your dinner!

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