Say Hello to SlickGPT - The Better UI for ChatGPT

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SlickGPT - A better UI for ChatGPT

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, showcasing the immense potential of conversational AI. However, it's not without its limitations - namely, the lack of persistent chat history and true collaboration features. Now, a new open source ChatGPT client called SlickGPT aims to solve these issues and provide a superior user experience.

Created by Swiss developer Ilias Ism, SlickGPT offers a fast, customizable, and transparent alternative to the official ChatGPT interface. Inspired by Slack, it brings threaded conversations, channels, and team features to transform how users interact with generative AI models like GPT-4. Read on to learn why SlickGPT may soon become an essential tool for anyone leveraging natural language processing and large language models.

What is SlickGPT?

SlickGPT is a new lightweight web client for the OpenAI API, with a strong focus on GPT-4 integration. Built entirely in Vue.js, it provides a modern, Slack-like interface for chatting with AI.

Users can bring their own OpenAI API key and take full advantage of features like persistent local chat history, easily sharing conversations, a prominent context editor, and built-in team capabilities. SlickGPT will also be open source on GitHub soon, allowing the community to shape its progress.

Overall, SlickGPT aims to be a highly customizable and transparent choice for interacting with Chatbots and AI. By leveraging Vue's reactive architecture, it provides a smooth user experience with excellent latency and performance. Whether working solo or with a group, SlickGPT gives users more control over their conversational AI workflows.

Key Features of SlickGPT

SlickGPT offers a robust set of capabilities that enhance the core ChatGPT experience:

  • Persistent Chat History: All conversations are saved locally by default, overcoming ChatGPT's limited message memory. Users can revisit contexts easily.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Built-in support for teams with shared channels and seamless messaging.
  • Customizable Interface: Choose light or dark themes, reorder channels, adjust settings like message density.
  • Integrated Code Editor: Write and run code snippets directly within conversations. Supports syntax highlighting for dozens of languages.
  • Import/Export Conversations: Easily transfer chat history between different systems with JSON export.
  • Prompt Library: Save and organize frequently used prompts for fast re-use.
  • Context Viewer: Quickly orient yourself when revisiting chats by glancing at the preserved context.
  • Slash Commands: Insert boilerplate text via simple slash commands, like /todo, /table, /header etc.
  • Cost Tracking: See real-time usage and cost estimates based on your account plan. Avoid surprise bills.
  • API Key Management: Add multiple API keys and seamlessly switch between them. Keep personal and work usage separate.
  • Fast Performance: Interface optimized for rapid responses and minimal latency thanks to Vue.

With these robust capabilities, SlickGPT enhances ChatGPT's core functionalities for a superior user experience.

Why SlickGPT is Better Than ChatGPT

SlickGPT provides many advantages over the official ChatGPT interface:

  • True Chat Persistence: By preserving conversations locally, SlickGPT overcomes ChatGPT's 15-turn memory limit. You can always pick up where you left off.
  • Open Source Codebase: As an open source project built in Vue, SlickGPT is transparent and community-driven. Users can contribute and customize it.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Work fluidly with team members in shared channels with excellent latency. ChatGPT lacks collaboration.
  • Cross-platform Availability: Access SlickGPT via the web on mobile, desktop and tablets. ChatGPT only offers a web client.
  • Structuring Conversations: Topics are organized into channels with threaded replies, much like Slack. ChatGPT's interface is limiting.
  • Developer Friendly: Customize behaviors by forking the codebase. Integrate plugins and extensions. Host your own instance with full data ownership.
  • Prompt Management: Save and re-use prompts quickly thanks to the library. ChatGPT lacks this.
  • Cost Tracking: Get real-time usage metrics to avoid surprise bills. ChatGPT shows limited billing data.
  • Latency Optimized: Rapid interface interactions powered by Vue's reactive architecture. ChatGPT suffers some lag.
  • Customizable Aesthetics: Choose light/dark themes, tweak fonts and colors. ChatGPT offers no customization.

With its transparent design, active open source development, and premium user experience, SlickGPT provides the best ChatGPT alternative available today.

How To Get Started With SlickGPT

Eager to try SlickGPT? Here are some steps to get up and running quickly:

  • First, head to and create a free account. You'll get some initial free credits to try it out.
  • Next, you'll need an OpenAI API key. If you don't have one, sign up on the OpenAI site to generate a key.
  • In SlickGPT, go to settings and configure your API key and options like theme, messages per page etc.
  • You can now start chatting in the general channel. Try asking Claude about its capabilities or have an open-ended conversation.
  • For collaboration, create a new channel and invite teammates via their email address or shared link.
  • Make use of slash commands like /table, /todo, /code to generate rich messages and leverage Claude's AI capabilities.
  • Explore features like the prompt library, context viewer, code editor to enhance your workflows.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on SlickGPT's Github issues and Discord server. Contributions are welcome!

Within minutes you can be productively chatting with Claude through a fast, featurerich and open source interface provided by SlickGPT. It brings out the best of conversational AI.

The Future of SlickGPT

As conversational AI and models like GPT-4 rapidly evolve, SlickGPT is poised to grow in capabilities and popularity.

With its open source nature, developers worldwide can shape SlickGPT's future by contributing code, plugins, and integrations. Expect more advanced features like retaining dialog history, notifications, analytics, and tighter integrations with GitHub, Slack etc.

Backed by a passionate community, SlickGPT will also offer greater capabilities around privacy and self-hosting. Users may be able to train private AI models that meet specific needs.

As new techniques like reinforcement learning and unsupervised pretraining empower models like GPT-4, SlickGPT will incorporate the latest research to provide users access to cutting-edge AI.

With its developer-friendly and customizable interface, SlickGPT has the potential to become the ultimate open source conversational AI tool for both end users and tinkerers alike. Its future roadmap is aligned to the fast-moving advances in natural language AI.


In conclusion, SlickGPT offers an exciting new frontier for leveraging conversational AI safely while preserving user privacy and ownership. Its Slack-inspired interface provides much needed enhancements like persistent chat history, real-time collaboration, and cost tracking compared to the official ChatGPT client.

Developed entirely in Vue.js, SlickGPT set a new bar for performance and customization when interacting with powerful natural language models. The ability to self-host the client and bring your own OpenAI API key grants users transparency and control.

As an open source project backed by a passionate community, SlickGPT is uniquely positioned to push the boundaries of what's possible with generative AI. Developers can help shape its future by contributing code and plugins to the GitHub repository.

Whether you're an individual exploring AI for the first time or a startup seeking a customized conversational interface, SlickGPT has something to offer with its sterling interface and access to GPT-4. Even AI experts leveraging tools like TensorFlow can benefit from its rapid iteration and collaboration features.

The world of AI chatbots is evolving swiftly, but tools like SlickGPT enable safe and responsible access to this technology. With its focus on transparency, customization and privacy preservation, users are empowered rather than displaced as AI capabilities grow.

So if you found ChatGPT intriguing but were put off by its limitations, give SlickGPT a try today! Its reactive Vue-powered interface and support for teams, persistent memory, code editing and more provide a glimpse into the full potential of conversational AI. Join its growing community on GitHub and help shape the future of open source generative AI.

SlickGPT: The Ultimate Open Source Conversational AI Tool


SlickGPT is an open source conversational AI tool offering a superior interface, customization options, and developer-friendly features.


  • Vue-powered reactive interface
  • Customizable aesthetics
  • Prompt management and code editing
  • Real-time usage metrics
  • Support for teams and persistent memory
  • Active open source development


  • Requires OpenAI API key
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