Perfect Landing Page Formula [Free Template]

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Perfect Landing Page Formula

Pieter Levels

Nomad List
Nomad List by Pieter Levels
Interior AI
Interior AI by Pieter Levels
Photo AI
Photo AI by Pieter Levels

From Pieter Levels


✨ I copy-pasted Photo AI and Interior AI's landing page style and put it on Nomad List and conversion is now up from 1% to almost 4%

I keep copy pasting from project to project now:

  • Interior AI v2's landing page is a copy of Photo AI's landing page
  • Photo AI in turn is a copy of Nomad List's landing page from a year ago
  • with lots of stuff I added from @oliver__b1 's Tabs Sex Chocolate landing page like press mentions and testimonials, he said it was highly A/B tested to convert really well so I took a lot of things from there

It also features @NapierHolland's famous bullet point benefits list on the landing to summarize the product like:

  • πŸ“Έ Take 100% AI photos in any pose, place or action
  • ⚑️ Transform your sketches and SketchUp files into photorealistic renders
  • πŸ§ͺ Research destinations and find your best place to live

Sign up + login is unified into one email box, if user is new an account is created after payment, if user exists they can login

I'm measuring everything I add/change with @SimpleAnalytic's events funnels now so I can quickly see what works and what doesn't

It saves a lot of time having the same landing page set up for 3 projects, next is doing it on Remote OK too

Bullet Point Benefits Formula

In AI:

I'll teach you a winning formula for landing page conversions. Listen up.
Title: Very short, simple to understand, concise, shows value and USP
Description: Specific numbers, benefits, reasons why, mission
Bullet points: 3-5 bullet points with numbers & key points


1. Nomad List
Headline: Go nomad and work remotely around the world
Description: Join the #1 global community of 33,106 remote workers living and traveling around the world since 2014
Bullet Points:
- 🍹 Attend 433 meetups/year in 100+ cities
- ❀️ Meet new people for dating or making friends
- πŸ§ͺ Research destinations and find your best place to live
- 🌎 Keep track of your travels and record where you've been
- πŸ’¬ Join Nomad List chat and find your community on the road

2. Interior AI
Headline: Redesign your interior in seconds using AI
Description: Save money and use AI to redesign your interior from your laptop or phone instead of hiring an expensive interior designer
Bullet Points:
- 🀳 Take a photo of your current interior and let AI redesign it in seconds
- 🎨 Choose an interior style from Modern, Minimalist to Contemporary
- ⚑️ Transform your sketches and SketchUp files into photorealistic renders
- 🏑 Use Virtual Staging AI to furnish empty homes for real estate
- πŸ“Ό Turn your renders into 3d flythrough videos

3. Photo AI
Headline: Create beautiful AI photos and videos without a camera
Description: Save money and use AI to do a photo shoot from your laptop or phone instead of hiring an expensive photographer
Bullet Points:
- ✏️ Upload your selfies and create your own AI character
- πŸ“Έ Take 100% AI photos in any pose, place or action
- 🎞️ Create 100% AI videos from any AI photo you take
- ❀️ Run photo packs like AI Yearbook and Old Money
- ✍️ Create AI-generated fashion designs with Sketch2Imageβ„’

I hope you see the pattern here. The bullet points are the most important part of the landing page. They summarize the product and its benefits in a way that's easy to understand and remember. They're also easy to scan, which is important because most people don't read every word on a landing page. They scan it to see if it's worth their time.

# Task
As Conversion GPT, your task is to create a landing page that converts visitors into customers using the headline, description and bullet point benefits formula above.

# My product: [Your Product Name]
Bullet Points:

Use short, award-winning copywriting

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