4 Incredible Tips to Kill Procrastination, Increase Productivity and Ace Those Deadlines

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Would you just look at the time. It's the perfect time to start working on something. But most of the time people love to procrastinate. I've been burdened with the curse of procrastination; always late to start. Always loving to do other things instead. Always playing that game or browsing Reddit or Hacker News.

I've been struggling with it for a few years now. I'd like to list a few things that have helped me get to work.

Just start

This is the simplest way, just get started. That thing you're putting off by reading this. Get it done. Now is the best time. I always used to end up hesitating to get started on a project or task. For example to start coding, just open your editor and write the first few words and you'll be hitched and get in the zone soon enough.

Split the tasks

Split the tasks into smaller tasks, one that you can get to easier. Want to develop a website? Open your editor, and code the first base layout. You will get carried away from there.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique has helped me a lot to push through work that I really don't want to do and that I don't enjoy doing. To get started you just need to set a timer to 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break after and repeat. A few minutes of concentrated work will get you started.

Productivity tools

You can restrain your access to certain apps like Facebook or Reddit and only allow yourself a set amount of time to visit those time-sucking website. You can even go hardcore and change your hosts file.

Having an useful to-do list like Wunderlist or Any.do installed is also very helpful. Set reminders and discipline yourself to immediately start when the alarm goes off. Setting your goals clearly on paper also helps you to visualize what needs to get done and what you need to do. Just be careful with cluttering the tasks and not doing anything at all.

Ilias Ism

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