MagicSpace Launches Tool for Analyzing 30,000+ Chrome Extensions

MagicSpace Chrome Extension Ideas Finder
Ilias Ism

Written by Ilias Ism, a digital strategist and founder of MagicSpace, specializing in scaling startups to $1M+ ARR. With a decade of experience, he offers full-funnel growth plans covering design, development, and SEO.

MagicSpace's Chrome Extension Ideas Finder analyzes over 30,000 extensions, providing developers with data-driven insights to identify market gaps and opportunities quickly.

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MagicSpace, a leading marketing agency, has conducted an in-depth analysis of 30,000+ Chrome Extensions to assist busy developers in finding great ideas quickly. The research and tool, known as Chrome Extension Ideas Finder, sheds light on the popularity and user reviews of these extensions, providing valuable insights for developers seeking innovative solutions.

Chrome extensions have become an integral part of many users' browsing experience, providing additional functionality and customization options. However, many have been abandoned by their developers, leaving users with outdated and unsupported extensions. This can be frustrating for users who rely on these extensions for their daily browsing needs.

Key findings of the analysis include

  • Identification of underperforming extensions with a substantial user base
  • Insights into the most popular extensions on the Chrome Web Store
  • Spotlight on the top authors in the Chrome extension ecosystem
  • Data on the most engaging extension categories

One of the key findings of the analysis is the identification of Chrome Extensions with a significant number of users but poor reviews. This data is particularly useful for developers looking to fill gaps in the market and provide improved or alternative solutions to the existing extensions.

In addition to uncovering underperforming extensions, the research also reveals insights into the most reviewed extensions on the Chrome Web Store. By identifying the most widely discussed extensions, developers can gain a better understanding of the features and functionalities that engage users.

The analysis also highlights the top authors contributing to the Chrome Web Store, showcasing the talented and innovative individuals behind popular extensions. This information can serve as a resource for developers looking to collaborate or seek inspiration from experienced professionals in the field.

Moreover, MagicSpace's analysis provides valuable information on the most popular extension categories. By identifying the categories with the highest user engagement, developers can focus their efforts on creating extensions that cater to the specific needs and preferences of users.

MagicSpace's Chrome Extension Ideas Finder

The comprehensive analysis of 30,000 Chrome Extensions by MagicSpace offers busy developers a wealth of insights to discover great ideas quickly. By leveraging this data, developers can enhance their productivity and provide innovative solutions to users, ultimately enhancing their browsing experience.

We are thrilled to introduce the MagicSpace Extension Finder to the developer community," said Ilias Ism, CEO of MagicSpace. "We understand the importance of finding the best Chrome extensions efficiently, and we believe our tool will be a game-changer for busy developers who need great ideas fast.

To learn more about MagicSpace's analysis of 30,000 Chrome Extensions and to access the Extension Finder tool, visit

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