Foudroyer: New SEO Tool Reviewed by SEO Agency

Foudroyer Review
Ilias Ism

Written by Ilias Ism, a digital strategist and founder of MagicSpace, specializing in scaling startups to $1M+ ARR. With a decade of experience, he offers full-funnel growth plans covering design, development, and SEO.

Foudroyer Review
In conclusion, Foudroyer presents a promising new approach to SEO with its unified data hub. However, for its proven efficiency and time-saving capabilities, TagParrot remains the preferred choice for SEO agencies like Magicspace.

This article provides a comprehensive review of the new SEO tool, Foudroyer, and compares it for indexing.

As Foudroyer launched on product hunt, we see how it compares against the current market leader, TagParrot, through the lens of our SEO agency.

What is Foudroyer?

Foudroyer is a unified SEO data hub designed to centralize key SEO metrics in one dashboard. It aims to simplify SEO data management by offering rapid indexing, consolidated reporting, and accurate keyword tracking.

The tool connects directly to search engine APIs, including Google, Bing, Yandex and Naver, to provide real-time performance data. The usual features include the ability to index over 200 pages daily with a single click.

What is the English translation of Foudroyer?

According to the French-English dictionary, "Foudroyer" is a French verb that translates to "to strike down" or "to annihilate" in English. In the context of this SEO tool, it signifies the tool's ability to streamline and simplify complex SEO tasks, much like a sudden, brutal surprise (surprise brutale) or a burst of gunfire can dramatically change a situation.

The term also associates with the shock and upheaval that sudden changes in search engine results cause, similar to a sentimental upheaval or a psychological shock (coup de feu ). Just as a terrifying gaze can paralyze, Foudroyer aims to stun its users with its powerful capabilities.

In the same way that a song can be struck down from Apple Music, Foudroyer can help you strike down poor-performing keywords from your SEO strategy. The term also carries the connotation of being struck by a machine gun burst, symbolizing the tool's ability to rapidly fire off indexing requests to search engines.

How does Foudroyer work?

Foudroyer works by connecting to search engine APIs to provide real-time performance data. You can connect your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, Yandex Webmaster Tools, and Naver Webmaster Tools accounts to Foudroyer to access your data.

  • Foudroyer Analytics: Combines clicks, impressions, position tracking from Google, Bing, Yandex into one dashboard
  • Foudroyer indexation: Enables rapid indexing of new pages through one-click, similar to TagParrot
  • Foudroyer keywords: Provides accurate and real-time keyword ranking data

You need to add a sitemap to your website to use Foudroyer's indexing feature and submit your website to Google Search Console. After that, you can use the tool to index your website's pages.

Foudroyer vs TagParrot

When comparing Foudroyer and TagParrot, both tools offer features to streamline SEO workflows. Foudroyer stands out with its unified data hub, combiing data from Google, Bing, Yandex and Naver.

On the other hand, TagParrot excels with its fully automated submission to Google Search Console, bulk indexing requests, and ease of use, especially for multiple sites, providing a quicker path to getting your website indexed by Google. It also offers social metadata image displays and superior site support. Excitingly, agency pricing is coming soon.

For us at Magicspace, TagParrot is the preferred choice for SEO agencies looking to enhance their services and achieve better results.


As Foudroyer steps into the competitive SEO tool market, it brings along a promise of transforming chaos into clarity with its unified SEO data hub. However, when it comes to delivering time-saving solutions and quick indexing services that are vital for SEO agencies, TagParrot holds the ground firmly with its established set of features and proven results.

Magicspace, a leader in the SEO industry, endorses TagParrot as the go-to tool for SEO agencies looking to enhance their services and achieve better results, thereby setting a high bar for Foudroyer to meet in its future endeavors.

For a deeper understanding of these tools, you can visit the official websites: and TagParrot. Originally written by Ilias, SEO agency co-founder.