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Ilias Ism

Written by Ilias Ism, a digital strategist and founder of MagicSpace, specializing in scaling startups to $1M+ ARR. With a decade of experience, he offers full-funnel growth plans covering design, development, and SEO.

RankIQ Review
RankIQ is incredibly useful for SEO marketers. It helps me find low-competition keywords and create high-quality content fast!

Discover how RankIQ, an AI-powered SEO tool, transforms weak posts into high-performing content.

As an SEO marketer, I am always looking for tools that can help streamline my workflow and improve the quality of the content I produce. I came across RankIQ a few months ago and decided to give it a try.

I've been able to rank on the first page of Google for several keywords that I was previously unable to rank for. It really helps!

What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is an AI-powered SEO toolkit created by renowned SEO expert Brandon Gaille. It's designed to assist content creators and bloggers in crafting high-quality articles that can rank on Google's first page.

The primary features of RankIQ include:

  • AI SEO Report: Analyzes a keyword and provides SEO optimization recommendations.

  • Keyword Research Library: A database of over 1 million keywords to aid in finding low-competition topics.

  • Content Optimizer: Assists in writing SEO-optimized articles by suggesting keywords and phrases to include.

Signing Up and Getting Started

Signing up for RankIQ was quick and easy. You get around 20 SEO reports per month in your usage. Sometimes you end up running out, but you can always upgrade to get more.

But for me, normal usage seems fine. You can get a 50% bonus here off their $99 plan.

Using the Keyword Research Library

The keyword research library is my favorite part of RankIQ. It contains over 1 million keywords categorized by topic.

I like using the filters to narrow down keywords by search volume, competition level, and more. This makes finding promising topics so much faster compared to other tools I've used.

Once I find a good keyword, I run it through the AI SEO report.

SEO Reports Provide Optimization Tips

The SEO reports analyze the top-ranking articles for a given keyword. It then gives specific tips on things like:

  • Keywords and phrases to include
  • Word count
  • Images to use
  • Links to build

This information allows me to model my articles after the top performers. I've seen significant improvements in rankings by following the guidelines.

Content Optimizer Helps Write Articles

The content optimizer is an AI writing assistant. As you write an article, it gives real-time feedback on how to improve it for SEO.

It color codes text to show which parts are well optimized and which need work. The tool also suggests additional keywords and phrases to incorporate.

While it takes some practice, the content optimizer has helped me create much better articles faster.

My Rankings Have Improved

Bottom line - RankIQ has helped improve my Google rankings. Articles I've created with RankIQ consistently outperform ones I wrote before.

I attribute this to the tool's ability to analyze competition and give actionable optimization tips. It takes the guesswork out of SEO writing.

Room for Improvement

RankIQ is not perfect though. The user interface can feel a bit dated at times. I'd also like to see more customization options for the content optimizer.

But overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. I plan to continue using RankIQ as my go-to SEO toolkit.


AI girlfriend

For my AI girlfriend article, I used RankIQ.


As an SEO marketer, I highly recommend giving RankIQ a try. The keyword research and content optimization features are extremely helpful, especially for the price. Just be sure to actually follow the recommendations - you'll see your rankings improve in no time.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm happy to share more details on my experience with RankIQ.

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, bloggers and content creators are constantly on the lookout for tools that can give them an edge. Enter RankIQ, an AI-powered SEO toolset designed specifically for bloggers. But is RankIQ worth it? Let's dive deep into an honest RankIQ review.

RankIQ Lifetime Deal

Currently, there's no RankIQ lifetime deal available right now, but you can sign up for a 50% bonus here, normally it's $99.

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