CastPush: The Story Behind Our Failed AI News Broadcasting Tool

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Typefully: Ultimate Twitter Writing Tool


Typefully is a Twitter tool offering smart writing suggestions and automation features to simplify content creation and scheduling.


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  • Limited features in the free plan

What happened to CastPush?

We've discontinued CastPush, an AI-driven solution for broadcasting news across multiple platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. The concept was simple: compose a message and broadcast it across all channels with a single click.

This application, initially developed in Vue.js, was one of our early "indie projects". Despite launching it across various directories, it didn't gain any traction. Users would sign in but not connect their social media accounts, indicating that the product might not have met their expectations.

Seeing Typefully, I realized that CastPush was a half-baked product. It lacked a clear value proposition and a marketing strategy. I decided to discontinue it and focus on our SEO agency instead.

Ilias Ism

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