CastPush is Shutting Down

CastPush is no longer available. Here are the best alternatives for scheduling tweets.


I've discontinued CastPush, an AI-driven solution for broadcasting news across multiple platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. The concept was simple: compose a message and broadcast it across all channels with a single click.

This application, initially developed in Vue.js, was one of my early "indie projects". Despite launching it across various directories, it didn't gain any traction. Users would sign in but not connect their social media accounts, indicating that the product might not have met their expectations.


  • TweetHunter: TweetHunter is an AI-powered Twitter scheduling and analytics tool that helps you find tweet ideas, schedule tweets, and analyze performance. It includes features like an AI writing assistant, Twitter CRM, and lead finder to help grow your audience and engagement on Twitter.
  • Typefully: Typefully is a smart writing and publishing platform for crafting better tweets, threads, and stories on Twitter and LinkedIn. It uses AI to help generate ideas and rewrite drafts. Typefully also has robust scheduling, analytics, and automation features to save time and optimize posting.

The key differences are that TweetHunter focuses more on curation and analytics while Typefully focuses more on writing assistance and publishing. Both tools aim to help users improve their content and growth on Twitter in different ways.

What's next?

Building this tool has been a great learning experience for me. Now, I focus on marketing before developing a product and it's been going well.