Tag Parrot: Get Indexed by Google Automatically

In 2 months, Tag Parrot transformed Magicspace’s client SEO. Result? +145% impressions and +3944 indexed pages.
Ilias Ism

Written by Ilias Ism, a digital strategist and founder of MagicSpace, specializing in scaling startups to $1M+ ARR. With a decade of experience, he offers full-funnel growth plans covering design, development, and SEO.

TagParrot Review
TagParrot is priceless for getting a lot of pages indexed quickly by Google. It's a must-have tool for any SEO agency.

TagParrot is a tool that automatically submits your website to Google Search Console for indexing. It's a great way to get your website indexed by Google without having to do it manually.

What is TagParrot?

TagParrot is an SEO tool that automates the submission of your website to Google Search Console for indexing. This process, which can take weeks or even months when done manually, is significantly sped up with TagParrot.

Why is Tag Parrot Important for SEO Agencies?

For SEO agency owners, having client websites indexed quickly by Google is crucial. TagParrot has become an invaluable tool for magicspace.ae to expedite the indexing process.

How Does Tag Parrot Work?

My TagParrot Sites
My TagParrot Sites
  1. Sign up for Tag Parrot.
  2. Add your website URL.
  3. Tag Parrot automatically submits your website to Google Search Console for indexing.
  4. Receive an email notification when your website has been indexed by Google.

Key Features of Tag Parrot

Tag Parrot offers a range of features designed to automate and expedite the process of getting your website indexed by Google. Here are the main features:

  1. Automated Submission to Google Search Console: Tag Parrot automatically submits your website to Google Search Console, speeding up the indexing process.
  2. Bulk Indexing Requests: Tag Parrot can send bulk indexing requests to Google, helping to get your pages into Google's index faster.
  3. Automatic Sitemap Generation and Syncing: As you add new pages to your website, Tag Parrot automatically generates and syncs your sitemap.
  4. Open Graph Preview: Tag Parrot provides an Open Graph preview, allowing you to check for missing meta tags.
  5. Daily Indexing Capacity: With Tag Parrot, you can index up to 200 pages per day.
  6. Email Notifications: Tag Parrot sends you an email notification when your sites are indexed.

These features make Tag Parrot an invaluable tool for SEO agencies and website owners who want to get their sites indexed by Google quickly and efficiently.

How long does it take for Tag Parrot to index a website?

With Tag Parrot's automated submission process, most websites can be fully indexed by Google within 1-2 days. It crawls the sitemap and can index hundreds of pages per day with the paid plans. This is significantly faster than waiting weeks or months for manual Google indexing.

What are the pricing options for Tag Parrot?

Visit TagParrot.com for the latest pricing
Visit TagParrot.com for the latest pricing

Tag Parrot has a free plan for trying out basic features. Paid plans start at $9/month for the Starter plan which allows unlimited pages and indexing up to 200 pages daily. The Pro plan is $25/month with capacity to index 10 sites.

There is a full agency plan coming soon.

What type of websites can benefit most from TagParrot?

Tag Parrot is ideal for any website that needs to get indexed quickly by Google, or when manual indexing is not feasible because of the size of the site. This includes sites such as:

  • New websites and blogs
  • Ecommerce stores with frequently changing products
  • Sites with large content inventories
  • SEO agencies managing multiple client sites

How does Tag Parrot integrate with Google Search Console?

Tag Parrot provides automated integration with Google Search Console to submit sitemaps and request indexing. You simply connect your Search Console account and Tag Parrot handles submitting the URLs. You can also manually submit URLs to Google Search Console if you run out of daily indexing capacity on Tag Parrot.

Key Benefits of Using Tag Parrot

In 2 months, Tag Parrot boosted Magicspace’s client SEO: +145% impressions and +3944 indexed pages.
In 2 months, Tag Parrot boosted Magicspace’s client SEO: +145% impressions and +3944 indexed pages.

For us at magicspace.ae, Tag Parrot has been a gamechanger for our SEO services. It has enabled us to get our client sites indexed by Google quickly and efficiently, with minimal effort on our part. Here are the key benefits of using Tag Parrot:

  • Time-saving: Tag Parrot automates the submission process, freeing up time for higher value tasks.
  • Fast Indexing: Tag Parrot can crawl the sitemap and index hundreds of pages per day, indexing entire sites in just 1-2 days.
  • Ease of Use: Simply add the URL and integrate with Search Console. Tag Parrot handles the rest.
  • Affordability: The free plan covers most small sites. Paid plans start at just $9/month for more capacity.


Tag Parrot is a gamechanger for SEO agencies, enabling faster indexing of client sites by Google with minimal effort. It delivers on its promises of time-saving, quick indexing, ease of use, and affordability.

We highly recommend Tag Parrot for any SEO agency looking to improve their SEO services and results.

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